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What is Africa Showcase?

Africa Showcase highlights exceptional travel products and experiences from Southern, East and Central Africa to wholesalers, tour operators and travel agents across the world. Our engaging and educational roadshows are designed to impart knowledge and create strong business connections between African specialists and the suppliers participating on the roadshows.

Selected markets are highlighted at regular intervals throughout the year and are chosen for their relevance as a tourist source market and potential as a market for travellers interested in exploring Africa. These markets include the United Kingdom, United States, Europe, South East Asia, Australasia and Russia amongst others. Multi-day roadshows in key cities ensure good coverage of travel specialists across source markets.

The Africa Showcase team works with in-country partners to create a seamless process for both suppliers and attendees of the shows from providing venues, recommended accommodation and ensuring the right travel specialists attend. The result is a fast-paced roadshow that generates a significant number of sales and marketing leads for suppliers, while providing a platform for travel specialists to engage with new and exciting travel products and experiences to sell to their clientts.


As a tourism supplier, or as a travel buyer, there are guaranteed benefits to attending an Africa Showcase event.

African Specialists

  • Fast, interactive events guaranteed to be educational and enjoyable
  • Wide selection of African travel product and experiences
  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Increase your product and destination knowledge
  • Learn tips on how to boost your business to Africa


  • Access to pre-qualified travel specialists in each city
  • Hassle-free organisation
  • Networking with industry colleagues
  • Access to attendee database
  • Better understanding of selected market


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UK & Ireland
South East Asia - Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia
North America – US, Canada
Nordics - Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland
Europe - Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia
Australasia - Australia, New Zealand

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