Arrivals Statistics

Statistics South Africa, in collaboration with the Department of Home Affairs, release monthly arrivals Tourism and Migration statistics as collected at South Africa’s border posts (land, sea and air). These are aggregated as raw data through Statistics South Africa and presented without much insight, usually with a few months lag time. These reports are useful for raw data from South Africa’s source markets and give a good idea of South Africa’s core markets as a travel destination.

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South African Tourism reports on the tourism and migration statistics with slightly more detail, with the increase or decrease in numbers year-on-year and month-to-month. These provide a snapshot of arrivals changes.

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Tourism business index

The Tourism Business Index (TBI), an initiative of the Tourism Business Council of South Africa, provides a detailed breakdown of the operating perspective of businesses operating in South Africa’s tourism sector. This profile of the industry is produced quarterly and after being successfully produced over the past five years, is a solid set of data managed by Grant Thornton that can facilitate better business decisions as a tourism business.

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