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From Russia with Love
Published by Bev Janse van Rensburg, 25/09/2013

In case you didn’t catch that, I said ‘hello’ but in Russian. Learning, or rather attempting to learn another language is just one of the perks of being able to travel as On Show representative. This year was my third year in Russia and my second in Ukraine, I find both of these countries absolutely fascinating.

St Petersburg is definitely my second favourite place in the world, second to South Africa of course! We have a saying when we travel to Russia, “Spot the foreigners, they are the ones smiling and laughing on the metro”.

Being able to use the public transport system is such a pleasure, even if the stops are all written in Russian. And what about the food, so different to what we eat, such an adventure eating varenyky, pelmeni and borscht – a must when in Russia. The excitement of trying to decipher the metro stops, the various roads and food items is all part of experiencing the culture and way of life over there.

No matter how many times I go to Russia though, the splendour of the Red Square (especially at night) leaves me speechless – and that’s saying a lot! Of course, during our roadshows we tend to see cities by storm, one after the other, running from one end to the next but who needs sleep right?! I’ll sleep when I’m done traveling the world with On Show Solutions.