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Africa Showcase Goes to the UK
Published by Africa Showcase, 26/09/2013

The UK market is certainly booming! As a source market that forms an important part of our international tourism marketing strategies, it’s great to see the interest in Africa is strong and the outbound statistics are showing growth.

Our week on the road – 01 to 05 July 2013 – took us to the key travel hubs of Edinburgh, Cambridge, Brighton and Bristol to meet with African specialists. We were pleased to see a good mix of operators and agents in each city and are encouraged by the business that our exhibitors conducted at the trade evenings.

Our winning formula offering a workshop, African-inspired dinner and quiz was informative and fun giving exhibitors a chance to network with attendees on a different level. A total of 12 companies participated on the roadshow, representing a diverse range of top quality companies from our dynamic region.

A big thank you from the On Show team to everyone who joined this year’s Africa Showcase in the UK. We plan to host our UK Roadshow again in July 2014.

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